Juana Dips™, the newest edible in Colorado, are THC pouches that come in 3 doses.


Most people think that Juana Dips™ are sublingual, but they are not. Juana Dips™ contain water soluble encapsulated nanoparticles of Delta 9 THC and are transported in the saliva which is carried into your stomach and absorbed through the microvilli which lines your stomach. Juana Dips™ encapsulated nanoparticles of Delta 9 THC are so small that they will actually absorb directly into the bloodstream. Crazy right? The effects from Juana Dips™ can be experienced within 10 to 20 minutes of consumption making this edible one of the fastest and most cutting edge delivery systems on the market. Juana Dips™ are Gluten free and Vegan. Juana Dips™ can also be purchased as a LOG which is an 8 pack that is shrink wrapped and includes limited edition stickers.


Juana Dips™ are discrete and delicious enabling the consumer to enjoy the effects of cannabis virtually anywhere leaving your breath feeling fresh and your mind and body feeling dope.

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